Year End Message From Our Editor in Chief

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To the Members, Advisors, Readers, and Friends of the University of Cincinnati Law Review:

Suffice it to say, it’s truly unfortunate that we do not get to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2019-2020 University of Cincinnati Law Review in person. Despite the circumstances, the editorial and associate members have continued to meet their deadlines, and our journal and blog publication schedule has continued uninterrupted. This is a tremendous accomplishment, and something for which I will be forever grateful to each current member, administrator, and alumni member who has contributed to this success.

I’d like to thank everyone for a fantastic year. The members of the 3L class—with graduation, job searches, bar exam uncertainty, remote learning, and the coronavirus—have continued to meet their deadlines with detailed editorial work on both journal articles and blogs. The 2L Associate Members have put forth an incredible effort and produced top-quality work. I hope that all Associate Members have enjoyed their first year on Law Review, and I look forward to seeing where they take it next year. I encourage everyone to read their work here on the University of Cincinnati Law Review Blog and in Volume 88, Issue 4 (forthcoming in May).

Thank you to Professor Betsy Malloy for serving another year as our faculty advisor and for being readily available as a sounding board for our ideas. And, thank you to Dean of Business Affairs Jim Crosset and Vicki Hayes for helping to manage the financial and administrative nuts and bolts that come with this journal. And, to our alumni, thank you for your continued support. We hope to be able to grow and develop continued relationships with alumni, and to hopefully have an event in person (as soon as safely possible).

This was another great year of progress for the Law Review. We’ve continued to modernize our article submission process, and are now online through all major article submission platforms. We have also maintained our remote editing process through the cloud, allowing for simultaneous editing of the same documents. This has allowed for increased efficiency and has been the most significant factor in maintaining our publication schedule during this crisis. Thanks to our blog leadership, we have sustained a consistent blog schedule and modernized the blog’s online platforms. We’ve also been fortunate to have complete buy-in to the organization at every level. Finally, we’ve been lucky to read, edit, and publish some interesting work over the past year. Volume 88 Issues 1 through 3 are already published (, and Issue 4 is due out in May.

In keeping with tradition, I would like to recognize three Associate Members for their contributions to the Law Review, one each for Traditional, Hybrid, and Blog Track membership. They are receiving these awards not only for the quality of their work, but because they have excelled through their entire 2L year on the Law Review. So, please join me in congratulating the following members:

Distinguished Associate Member on Traditional Track: Quinn Marker

Distinguished Associate Member on Blog Track: Blythe McGregor

Distinguished Associate Member on Hybrid Track: Corey Bushle

Additionally, the Associate Members select the best published 3L casenote and comment. Traditionally, these awards are announced at the Hooding Ceremony and Law Review Banquet, but given the circumstances I would like to recognize them in this space. Please join me in congratulating the following 3Ls:

Norbert Heinsheimer Essay Prize for Best Comment: Elijah Hack for The Marketplace of Twitter: Social Media and the Public Forum Doctrine.

William Worthington Prize for Best Casenote: Michael Soder for Local Right-to-Work Ordinances: Why Section 14(b) of the National Labor Relations Act Preempts Political Subdivisions from Regulating Union-Security Agreements.

Finally, the traditional end-of-year event is usually the time for the public “hand-off” of the journal from one board to the next. As strange as this is to do remotely, I’d like to introduce Corey Bushle as the Editor-in-Chief for Volume 89. Corey and team have had a great start to the spring article selection process and are ready to hit the ground running this summer. I speak for everyone in the 3L class when I say that I’m excited to see the direction that Corey and team take the Law Review over the next year.

With that, I’d like to thank everyone again for making this year a success, and I look forward to celebrating these accomplishments in person when it becomes safe to do so.


Carson Miller
Volume 88
University of Cincinnati Law Review


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