Wyomingbucks: A Test Case

Law Review Blog Editor and Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab Crypto Research Analyst Jacob Metzger details how government issued stablecoins may violate the Constitution’s provisions prohibiting states from coining money.

An NFT Application

In recognition of his research with the Cryptoeconomics Lab at the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute, Law Review Blog Editor Jacob Metzger discusses the difference between a utility NFT and an art NFT and discusses how blockchain technology is changing charitable giving while taking advantage of the current laws.

Trigger Tragedies: Why the Lives of Domestic Violence Victims Rest in the Hands of the Supreme Court

On November 7, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding United States v. Rahimi, a case previously decided by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. In this article, Madeline Brown analyzes the evolution of constitutional law as it pertains to the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, the lower court’s flawed opinion in Rahimi, and the decision’s negative effects on domestic violence victims.

The Blurry Line Between Threat and Persuasion: Missouri v. Biden and the Significant Encouragement Test

In this article, Ben Rininger explores recent Fifth Circuit and District Court rulings that the Biden administration threatened social media companies to remove controversial pandemic-related information in contravention of the First Amendment. Rininger analyzes the definition of “threat” under the Significant Encouragement Test and discusses how state censorship recommendations come into conflict with the First Amendment.

Where is Nature in Our Constitution? Part II

Across two Parts, Liam McMillin asks how our interaction with and understanding of nature and the natural world informs our basic legal understanding of nature. Using the Constitution as our guide, McMillin examines the difference between granting “rights” to nature, and limiting our own uses, and the internal and external consequences of both.

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