To Scan or Not to Scan: Conflicted Vets and Stolen Pets

Veterinary professionals routinely encounter ethical issues in the line of their work. In this article, James Hardman explores whether veterinary professionals’ attempts to avoid liability under Ohio larceny laws will result in fewer stolen pets being returned to their rightful owners.

Bike Paths and Eminent Domain

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash J.P. Burleigh, Associate Member, University of Cincinnati Law Review I. Introduction During the 19th century, Congress granted railroad companies rights of access to build and operate railroads across public lands.[1] After the Interstate Highway System was built, many railroad companies stopped operating and once-busy railroads fell into disuse.[2] The “rail-trail” movement began... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Rights Inked Into The Constitution: Why Tattoos Are Protected Speech Under the First Amendment

Author: Jordie Bacon, Associate Member, University of Cincinnati Law Review Tattoos often portray significant moments in a person’s life, mark rites of passage, show religious devotion, or express feelings towards others. Getting a tattoo allows someone to make “permanent that which is fleeting.”[1] Tattoos, which at one point were seen as a seedy tradition of... Continue Reading →

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