Why Not Protect Our Elderly, Our Pensioners, and Our State Treasury? The Case for an Ohio False Claims Act

Author: Erin M. Campbell, Esq. Nursing home residents left to wallow in urine- and feces-soaked beds; a resident suffering from an open bedsore the size of a cantaloupe when persistent and purposeful under staffing leaves residents unturned and in unchanged diapers; residents suffering from repeat scabies infections; residents suffering very high rates of falls and... Continue Reading →

150th Anniversary of the False Claims Act

Author: B. Nathaniel Garrett, Editor-in-Chief, University of Cincinnati Law Review President Abraham Lincoln signed the False Claims Act (FCA) into law 150 years ago on March 2, 1863, giving the United States a tool to combat fraud committed against the government.  At the time, it was mostly Civil War defense contractors perpetrating fraud against the... Continue Reading →

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