(Where?)House Safety: Amazon’s Systemic Hazards

Amazon has had a dynamic past few years, with phenomenal growth to become the United States’ second-largest private employer. However, in the face of widespread concern about employee safety, which has spawned both unionization and fines from OSHA, could there be a bug in Amazon’s system? Associate Member Colleen Brugger explores this question in her first article for the UC Law Review Blog.

Starbucks’ Grand(e) Idea: Freshly Brewed Union-Busting

Associate Member Chris Colloton examines Starbucks’ most recent decision to boost benefits for its non-union workforce, a move that comes as support for labor unions is at a nearly 60-year high. Colloton argues that the coffee giant’s less-than-subtle efforts to dissuade its employees from unionizing may expose itself to potential liability under U.S. labor law.

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